bad weather and coastal homes

Kent coastal home gets protection from sea salt attack

If you live along our beautiful coastline you would be well aware that it’s a lovely place to be when the sun is shining but bloody awful when the weather’s bad! Houses located along Britain’s seaside are one of the most sought after in the country but that location, devoid of any weather protection, means each home can take a real battering when the weather is bad, causing in many cases, yearly painting of the exterior, but why? (more…)

M3 Motorway

Home Decorating services along the M3 corridor

Our wall coatings team for the M3 corridor area have just completed work on a nice little detached bungalow in Chobham and they were so pleased with the work, as of course was the client, they took some nice photos to show us! Chobham lies just between Bagshot and Chertsey and north of Woking, (Paul Weller’s old stomping ground), and a town where we have been many times before when working in the area, so we felt right at home. If you live in ANY town or village in this area, and your home needs a paint job, give us a…

A sandwich

Having a Sandwich before going to Widnes to paint walls

Having a Sandwich? …..And where does the town of Widnes come into that? Let me explain. We paint homes up and down the country so here’s 2 examples of houses we painted with our weatherproof and very long life textured wall coatings. We give you some basic information about what we did to two very different properties,  the first one being a terraced, brick built house in Sandwich, Kent, the other a large 1920’s detached home up in Widnes, Cheshire. (more…)

Exterior wall coatings London

An Edwardian Pebbledashed house in Blackheath

Houses with pebbledash attract grime and start to look unsightly after a while, especially so for this property in London that was recently completed by one of our exterior wall coatings contractors. This lovely Edwardian house in Blackheath, London, was a palace inside, however the exterior appearance left a lot to be desired, so the owners called NEVER PAINT AGAIN to see what we could do for them. (more…)

wall coatings

Wall coating a pebble dashed Bungalow in Exeter, Devon

If you own a house that seems to always need painting then this may be of interest to you. This particular pebbledashed bungalow in Exeter had the full NEVER PAINT AGAIN external wall coating treatment and is now maintenance free. This project page shows the various stages of painting the exterior of a house, with our special wall coatings which outlast paint many times over. This page shows exactly what we did in terms of preparation, and applying the coatings in the various stages. (more…)

Front of brick house after exterior wall coatings

Exterior paint on a old brick house in Wiltshire

This old brick built house needed more than simply exterior painting, so we applied a 3 stage exterior wall coating to the outside surfaces and doesn’t it look great! When we carry out external painting work to a house that is faced with bricks, we need to take a slightly different approach to houses that have pebbledash or render for example. (more…)

Front of stoke house after wall coatings

When we painted a house in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Once upon a time……. well, not actually that long ago, we painted a house in the potteries, namely the historic city of Stoke on Trent, in Staffordshire. It was one of the larger homes in the typical streets of Hanley, small terraced homes, but due to the size of this, it was probably a kiln managers house as it was bigger than the rest. It had been painted loads of times before but something needed to be done to stop the rising costs of having it painted each year. (more…)