Exterior House Painting; an example in Derbyshire

Does the outside of your house need painting yet again? Exterior house painting is what we do best, (of course!), and it is certainly what we have taken immense pleasure and pride in since 1986.

Unlike your typical “Jobbing Builder”, repairing, making good and then painting the external walls of your home is the only thing we do, and we are darn good at it too, just ask our customers.

They will tell you that NPA is Britain’s number ONE wall coating specialist, and they often recommend us to friends and neighbours because of our track record and experience since 1986.

People trust us with their homes, which is why year on year we continue to exceed all of our customers expectations, and more besides. Read More

Bishop Auckland after wall coating

Curing penetrating damp with an NPA wall coating

People choose to have us paint their home for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, it’s because their property needs far more than just a simple lick of paint! Does your house need more than your local painter and decorator is willing to take on? Does the property have damp issues and maybe a whole lot more?

Help is at hand!

Here’s an example of a home we worked on recently, in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, which was built of traditional local stone, but over the years had suffered badly with damp penetrating into the building. Read More

a newly painted house in Todmorden

A weatherproof wall covering for a home in the Pennines

We are delighted to present yet another case study of exactly what we do best; painting a house!

This lovely, traditional stone-built cottage was located in the the mountainous “Pennines” district of northern England, in Yorkshire. Like a scene straight out of “last of the Summer Wine”, the BBC TV show that, by my reckoning, must have been on TV now for about a million years. Read More

large house in kent freshly painted by NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK

A paint that stops cracking for this Ashford house

Cracks come in all shapes and sizes, some only on the surface and some that go far deeper. This house in Ashford, Kent, was covered in painted tyrolean and suffered not only from cracking to various parts of each elevation, but it also needed frequent external re-painting.

Due to the size of the house, having a local decorator from Kent to come in and paint it every 2 years was costing the owners a small fortune. This was of course coupled with the almost yearly hassle and inconvenience of having a team of painters arrive each time. Read More

front of house with terrible flaky paint

Protective textured coatings on a Newcastle Upon Tyne home

When most people think about painting the outside of their home they think about PAINT.

The sort of paint we can all buy down at B and Q for a few quid. The problem is, masonry paint is only actually designed to last a couple of years before it needs overpainting. In fact most DIY masonry paints start to break down after only the first winter. Read More

Front of rendered bungalow in Wales

Wales: A wreck to a home: We can transform ANY house!

We love a Challenge….

In most cases we apply our famously durable exterior wall covering system to houses that are made of the normal stuff, you know, bricks or blocks, which have been covered over with render, harling, tyrolean or more often than not, that awful stuff pebbledash, but now and again we get to do something a bit different.

This property near Cardiff in Wales had a serious of major improvements over the years, doubling it’s size internally. Read More