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Exploding some marketing myths about branded paints

Britain is welll known for its bad weather, in fact our American cousins often refer to the former motherland as “That rainy little island”, and it’s true that most exteriors walls of houses in the UK do not possess sufficient weatherproofing wall coverings to adequately protect the structure, leading to damp and a poor appearance of the overall property.


Typical house paints, pebbledash  and rendering, don’t generally have enough weather resistant qualities to repel our awful climate, and therefore the rain, wind and the snow take their toll on our houses, our biggest assets.


Most people in the UK are feeling the pinch with the recession in its 5th year now and what was a normal thing a few years ago, painting the house each year, now becomes a chore and people look to save money wherever they can, without comprising the integrity or the appearance of the house. But aside from that, WHO do you choose to sort the problems out?


So just how can one keep their house looking good, and in good order, without paying someone every year to come and paint it, because after all, paint is coloured water and that’s about it, despite some claims made by paint manufacturers.


Remember the paints you see on TV and in the stores are put there by marketing and branding experts, chosen carefully to reflect the aspirations of home owners, and studied carefully to ensure the products are bought by certain social groups. The labels and adverts for the paints proudly claim you’ll do a professional paint job with the product, despite the fact you probably haven’t a clue what you’re doing!


They are branded in a way that the brand sounds all “cuddly” and “touchy-feely” to make you feel good about buying them and they show lovely houses with lush gardens and the sun shining, whilst the perfect “Cornflakes packet family” sit relaxing on the lawn looking at their perfect house.


Not so good if you live on your own in a 2-up 2-down in a grimy industrial area is it?

So painting your house will improve your lifestyle and bring wealth and happiness?

This is utter rubbish and yes it does fool people.

stupid people let their house go to ruin
Don’t be fooled by gloosy DIY paint adverts!

Top brand paints?

The brands of paint that you see in the shops are not made by some little old man, smiling away in a shed at the back of his house, they are made by noisy and dirty factories, belching out toxic fumes and acid rain-inducing pollutants into the atmosphere and making the local area stink, but because they provide jobs, “people” don’t generally complain.

Remember these paint factories are owned by multi national conglomerates, and every time you are buying it, you are putting more money in the pocket of “the man”, the greedy fat cat with his Swiss bank account and his collection of vintage sports cars!

Buy British made paints

The other option is to buy from locally sourced british made paints and coatings, from a factory like Andura, in Bicester, Oxfordshire, who both ourselves and our contractors have dealt with for many years, and you can be sure the money stays in the UK and is invested back into the business.

tubs of andura wall coatings
Tubs of andura wall coatings

What are wall coatings?

In layman’s terms, they are like weatherproof, high performance paints for the outside of your house. They can’t be bought in the shops, they have to be installed by special spray, and the application of the coatings, and the preparation needed to the walls, takes years of training.

They are designed to replace the need to paint the exterior of the house every year and over time, pay for themselves many times over. They are suitable for all types of houses and all types of walls, and if you have any doubts or questions, just give us a call on 0800 970 4928

It’s true that there exists a few different varieties of exterior wall coatings on the market; mostly supplied and installed by exterior coating companies such as ourselves. If you are looking to get a quote for an external wallcoating then be very careful WHO you choose to do the work.

Many years ago, most reputable exterior paint coating manufacturers were very careful about who they authorised to apply the coatings, but in the recession these rules have been relaxed by SOME paint suppliers.

What is the best wall coating website?

Oh don’t get me started! It’s not for me to say, “oh yes ours is the best because blah blah blah”, it’s up to you, and the users who come to our site, and like the advice I give, and then share it on social networks with other people. This is where Google is now going with ranking websites.

No longer can you pay some on to “write and spin an article” because, looking back, this is rubbish and a way to fake the search terms. Google is smarter than ever and they pick this up. Ok we made a few mistakes too, but they’ve been corrected and we learnt from them, but one or two sites who also did and did not earn a penalty, have a shock coming to them quite soon.

It is now very easy to pay some clown from an SEO company in India, to put together a good looking site (tempting but I won’t mention who), all keyword optimised and full of nice pictures but beware, the images on their site may not actually be work that they have done.

Jim Carrey liar Liar movie poster

That smiling, picture perfect lady who you think will answer the phone, cold in fact be a 30 stone bald ex-conman from Yorkshire eating a bacon sandwich. The flashy brand new van on their site that appears to be signwritten could be a stock image taken from the net, with the graphics superimposed onto it, and in fact when the workman arrive, you realise it’s a knackered ford transit they bought from a gypsy last week in a layby.

We too have suffered formpeople stealing images of our jobs and putting them on our site, so if in doubt, do a WHOIS search on the domain and if the site has only been around for a year or less, how credible do you think the promise of a 15 year warranty is? Not very.

Our website celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this year!

So if you want your house painting this year, give us a call, we don’t bite (unless we know you REALLY WELL) and you may be surprised when you find out we don’t subject anyone to a sales pitch, in fact our surveyor saw someone only last week who was very wary as the last person from a competing wall coating firm was in the house for FIVE HOURS!!!!!

I honestly thought this practice of hard sell had ended. Shame on that company. 🙁

It’s awful. We hate it, and our clients hate it too.

People enjoy buying things, especially from people with a good reputation like us, but people generally dont like being pushed or pressured into something that may regret later, and we agree too!

high pressure selling the hard sell
Avoid wall coating companies giving the high pressure sale

So if you want a quote to have your house painted, or rendered, and you DON’T want to be pressured, or bamboozled with sales talk, then talk to us!

Call us on 0800 970 4928 or fill in the form here and we will get back to you!

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