Painting a terraced pebbledash house in Barnet, London

The lady who owned this house in Barnet, North London had spent a lot of money improving her home over the years after buying it from the local council.

Unfortunately, over the years,  several alterations to the rough-cast outside walls had made the house look untidy.

The house was on a main road, and I have to say that the woman who owned the house had really done a great job with her home improvements, and a bit of DIY too, but the exterior was beyond her capabilities, and also beyond the stage where a simple coat of paint would have sufficed.

We found quite a few cracks in the pebbledash wall covering, plus many of the stones had fallen off over the years.

This means that the walls had started to be porous because the small pebbles on a pebble-dash wall are what repels the water when it rains, so when those pebbles go, so does the weatherproofing ability of pebbledash.

So what did we do to repair this house in Barnet?

After a full wall repair and an expert application of Andura “Tex gard” textured wall coating was applied, this proud home owner was left with a crisp, clean and uniform finish on her outside walls, a finish that will stay for up to 15 years, fully guaranteed!

This is what it looked like on the day we started work…..

The house in Barnet before we started work
The house in Barnet before we started work

After about 3 or 4 days of work, we were finally ready to spray the exterior wall coating onto the walls. This job was done by experienced textured coating installer, Terry Rich, for us, in 2004 I think?

Pebbledash house with Wall coatings

The same house in London AFTER a textured wall coating
The same house in London AFTER a textured wall coating

As you can see, as always, Terry did a really good job.

What did we put onto the wall?

Weatherproof textured external coatings are like ultra durable long life paints which, when applied to your house, last for up to 20 years, so that is what we used!

It is a great product, made for us by Andura, and not only does it not need any maintenance or over-coating at all, it stays fresh and clean, for 2 decades!

In fact almost ANY exterior wall can be treated and protected with our wall coating system! We have a large photo gallery of completed jobs, so just think what this amazing weatherproof paint system could do for YOUR house!

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