A video explaining repairing and painting pebbledash

If you own a house with ugly pebbledash we can show you in this video exactly how we repair and paint pebbledashed houses, with our exterior wall coatings which are not only maintenance free, they also come with a 15 year insurance backed warranty too!

Having us repair and paint your spar dashed, tyrolean or pebble-dashed house can actually work out CHEAPER than having the dashed coating hacked off and re-applied by a pebble dashing company!

Have you ever TRIED to paint pebbledash?!

Painting pebbledash, if you have ever attempted it yourself, is a very difficult task and far harder than painting a smooth rendered wall because the dashed covering is so heavily textured, you need a very thick roller and a large brush, and even then, it will take ages to paint.

One of the reasons that painting pebbledash takes so long is because of the fact that if you think about it, pebbledashed walls have a very coarse texture and each bump and undulation needs to have a covering of paint.

With such a rough wall, it needs MORE PAINT applied by the decorator to achieve even a rudimentary covering of paint on the wall, and it’s rarely cheap.

Painting pebbledash with paint

Painting pebbledash using only normal masonry paint takes absolutely ages, and even then, the results are often less than desirable.

Most decorators will not pay much attention to the correct preparation of the walls before applying masonry paint, after all their job title is PAINTER so that’s what they do; they paint.

So what happens when a decorator is faced with a pebbledash wall like this?

extensive repairing of render and pebbledash
Cracked pebbledash and the new extension

Well, some painters & decorators would walk away as they want easier work to do, but otherwise, they have to call in a  builder to replace the mess in the photo before they can apply paint.

Once they have painted the pebble-dash, you will probably still see bald areas where stones are missing, crack repairs because they can’t match the surface in, and so on. In essence it’s not gonna look great!

So what else is there apart from having all the pebbledash re-done from the start again, which is expensive?

Painting pebbledash with exterior wall coatings

Our process, using spray applied exterior wall coatings, comes with a full repair service, matching in old and new parts of the pebbledash so well that when our paints are applied to the wall, you will not see where the bad bits were!

So the above house can look like this instead…..

front of brighton house completed

But how do we paint pebbledash without paint?

Instead of me writing some sort of essay (!) I made this video for you, which should explain exactly how our company paint a house that has pebble-dash on the walls. If you want to learn more, call us on 0800 970 4928.

 Never Paint Again and house painting…

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