Bought your council house? Now change the appearance!

This is an ex-council house in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. The before picture shows the project masked-up during preparation of the walls

The property was having us restore and repaint the to half of the house ABOVE the red bricks and therefore we had to mask up and cover almost the entire house with brown paper, before we could work on the top rendered panels!

Weatherproof textured external coatings are like ultra durable long life paints which, when applied to your house, last for up to 20 years !

How we transformed a dull council house.

This home owner had lived in the house for many years and after a while, during the 1980’s in fact, the lady who owned this got the right to buy the house, for a bargain price too, under the then tory governments right to buy scheme whereby council house tenants could become property owners.

We often used to do jobs like this, and one of the first things that the new owner wanted to do was to change how the house looked, and make it stand out from the rest of the properties around it.

Quite often people would get a new front door, change the gate, decorate, and of course change how it looked on the exterior.

Have you had the right to buy?

One of the first challenges we had on this home was the fact that we were only painting the strip of painted pebbledash at the top of the building, the brick below were not to be touched. We had to mask up the whole area of brickwork on the ground floor, which is not as easy as it sounds, and then we had to seal the join so that no paint would run down onto the bricks.

Painting a strip of pebbledash

Now this is hard!

Once it was all masked up, we had to carry out a few crack repairs, although not too much, and get rid of some friable and flaked paint. We then applied a cement bonding slurry and waited for it to dry, which took ages in the cold and wet stoke on Trent weather!

We then had to carefully paint on a primer, and again, allow to dry.

After this, this Staffordshire house has the full exterior wall coating system applied to the top half. As you can see from the after photo, it certainly makes a big difference.

This project was completed on time, even during bad weather.

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