5 Decorating and DIY tips for small rooms

painting interiors

Now the better weather is upon us, the yearly onslaught of the keen DIY’er can be noticed in the lines outside DIY stores as we approach the Easter bank holiday weekend, but what can you do when your space to decorate can only politely be described as “Compact and Bijou?”!

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Render, replace or paint? Solutions for pebbledash

flaking pebbledash

Pebbledash covers much of the UK’s early to mid 20th century housing stock and was primarily invented to give a cheap, fairly weatherproof,  low maintenance wall coating over poor quality brickwork. Pebbledash, the traditional British (and Irish) version anyway, should last between 20 and 40 years, so much of the older style homes that have…

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LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! Social media network Facebook, despite what the press may say, is the place to be, to meet people, to do business, to learn, and of course, to make friends. We want YOU to like us on facebook!

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6 Home Improvements for misers, tightwads and skinflints

Charles Dickens ebenezer Scrooge on his way to the pound shop

Does spending money fill you with dread? Are there moths flying out of your wallet? Is it NEVER your round down the pub? Do people know you as the neighbourhood “Scrooge”? Then this article could be just what you are looking for, if you need to do some work on your home but don’t want…

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A step by step guide on how to plaster an internal wall

exterior wall rendering

Plastering is an essential process and procedure when carrying out internal home improvements or alterations to your property, but is it so easy that you can just read an article like this and then go and do it yourself?

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The dangers of buying tools and DIY stuff at car boot sales

A photo of a car boot sale

We all like a bargain, right? In these cash-strapped times what could be more satisfying than finding a cordless drill at a car boot sale for a fiver, or buying some paint for the hallway for only 2 quid a tin, off some bloke with a parrot on his shoulder, in a car park in…

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Tips on how to paint a house with rendered walls

dulux paint cans

Ever wondered how a painter paints a rendered wall? Just open the tin and splash some paint on, yes? …er… no actually……… there is far more involved in painting over render than you may first think, so here are a few tips on how to do it and what not to do. (By the way,…

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5 home improvements you really DON’T need

wind turbine on a house

It’s good to maintain and improve your home, adding value as you do, but did you know some additions to your home are best left alone? It’s a foregone conclusion that doing work on your home will increase the selling price and kerb appeal of it, right? WRONG.

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6 typical problems around the house and how to fix them

Wall coating team working in the Costa Blanca

No matter how hard you try and keep your home in good condition, from time to time, niggling problems occur, so we are going to show you to how fix 6 of them. The thing is, people enjoy their houses when everything is going well and there is nothing to do, but if you stop…

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How to build an effective relationship with your tradesman

a painter and decorator with van

If you are looking for tradesmen or contractors on the internet, with a view to finding one or two to come around to your house to price up some jobs, it is certainly worth choosing the right person to take on the job. However, dear consumer I have a secret to tell you: It’s a…

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5 common DIY disasters and how to put them right

workers accident

Homeowners in the UK love a spot of DIY, but inexperience and using the wrong tools can cost you more than any money you think you will save doing it yourself and forget anything you see on TV property shows too! It’s been proven that many well meaning DIY jobs end at best in poor…

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5 Trade tips and tricks for successful decorating


Do you ever wonder how decorators make painting a house look easy? Well it’s not as easy as you think but with these top tips, you can learn from the experts and carry out a painting job to be proud of!

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