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5 of the best, expensive, high-end home improvements!

Feeling generous? Deep pockets? Money to burn? Have you won the lottery? If you are flash with cash and are looking to add some pizzazz to your property, let’s be honest, the sky is the limit, but we took 5 random, but expensive, home improvements that you can buy if you have the dough. From a crystal encrusted bath tub to Versace toilet brush holder, take a look and see what you could buy if and when you win the lottery! We can dream, can’t we? (more…)

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Would “yew” believe it! Sweden invents see-through wood

Sweden. The land of Abba, Volvo’s, crime drama’s, flat-packed furniture and unnecessary nudity, are set to amaze the world again, or at least, chemists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (“KTH”), are set to amaze people, with a new and very cool invention. Transparent wood! Scientists and chemists working in Stockholm have turned humble balsa wood into a translucent sheet, effectively a brand new material, that despite being at least twice the strength of Perspex, is able to be used just like wooden sheets, paving the way for new technologies in construction methods for the future.

Wall coatings for park homes

Cardboard boxes! Are British homes getting smaller?

A recent study by RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) found that most new build homes in the UK are at least one whole room smaller in square metres, than older houses, in fact they go on to suggest that this is detrimental to our health, but why? RIBA advisor Mark Crosby has said “the lack of space in homes today was shown to have a negative affect on “the basic lifestyle needs that many families take for granted”. He noted that in extreme cases of cramped conditions, it was having a negative effect on “health, educational attainment…

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6 of the best wall coating companies around the world

Hi. We’re pretty well known for some damn fine house painting and coating work around the UK, and more recently, in Spain too, but I thought it would be a good idea to show you, dear reader, that there are very similar companies to us around the world. In this article we visit the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Greece and South Africa Please remember that if you are viewing this page from outside the UK and you want to contact one of these companies, you will have to do that direct. We are

Painting a villa on the costa blanca

5 reasons to have us paint your house in Spain

Buenas dias. Hi. Did you know that we don’t just cover the UK, we also paint properties in Spain too? Whilst NEVER PAINT AGAIN is now a household name here in the UK, a select few people who live in Spain have also heard of us through our affiliate company based in Javea, on the Costa Blanca. We can repair and paint ANY property on the Iberian peninsula, and leave it with a weatherproof, hassle-free paint finish that will last for 20 years! Our organisation started way back in 1986 and the same two families still run the business. We…

iceberg home with large basement in london

Journey to the centre of the earth with London’s Iceberg homes.

In London’s over heated property market it seems houses are for now only millionaires and not the likes of you or I anymore, and with the cost on average 3 bed home in the capital now reaching the dizzy heights of approximately HALF A MILLION POUNDS! (Source: Land Registry), and the effects of  mass immigration into our country over the past decade, the UK is running out of homes so people aren’t moving, they are improving. Big style. There is now a shortage of houses, meaning rents and mortgage values are sky high, in fact way higher…

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The waterproof wall coating major house builders use

If your home is less than 15 years old it shouldn’t have damp but many newer properties do suffer from damp and mould. Our damp proof house coating system is used by major UK house builders homes specifically to treat newer homes that have succumbed to damp damage. All newer homes have cavity walls and cavity wall insulation, so you would think that it would keep the occupants warm and dry, however in some cases problems have occurred and under the NHBC warranty, homebuilders have to address the issue, with the confidence the homeowners problems will not…