Good dog!

Good boy! The dogs who sniff out damp and dry rot in buildings

Dry rot, damp, mould and other horrors can ruin a home, especially an older, or even historic building. Over the years many methods and tricks have been tried out to locate dry rot in houses, but as the damage is often hidden, how do you find dry rot without ripping the place apart?

Step forward man’s best friend and dry rot’s worst enemy: Damp dogs.

Yes, I am being serious, and April fool’s day was ages ago.

There now exists companies who locate dry rot, often hidden in large buildings, by ignoring modern technology and gadgets, and using dogs instead….. Read More

Tell us how we are doing!

Our Home Improvement Customer Satisfaction Survey

We want you to be happy!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with both our workmanship, and also with our workmen!

That’s why during, and after, we paint your house, we ask each and every client to tell us how we did, using the questions below, so that we can not only monitor the work of our teams, but it also gives us a chance to see what we are doing right, and where can improve on things. Read More

diy disaster

More questions and answers about our wall coating systems

We asked a lot of questions each week. As the UK’s number one most popular exterior wall coatings company by work volume and customer acquisition, I really do mean A LOT.

We love to hear from people, and most calls and emails are thankfully about our wall coating systems, and in many cases we are able to point to a section on this website which has the answer you need, however….

From time to time we get some rather irrelevant, and in some cases, quite surreal, questions asked of us, so this post will hopefully put to bed some misconceptions about what we offer and maybe also stop people calling us thinking we give free DIY advice because we don’t.

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Repairing and painting pebbledash in Croydon, Surrey

Pebbledash! A passing fad and a cheap wall covering that house builders used to use to cover up poor quality brickwork, but times change and many people want to change their pebbledash wall coating to something a bit more contemporary and up-to-date.

This is where the NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall painting system can help you.

We have specialised in repairing and painting pebbledashed homes up and down the country since 1986 and we know our stuff, so let us guide you through what can be done about a pebble dashed house, by showing you a recently completed project, located in Croydon, Surrey.

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Exterior House Painting; an example in Derbyshire

Does the outside of your house need painting yet again? Exterior house painting is what we do best, (of course!), and it is certainly what we have taken immense pleasure and pride in since 1986.

Unlike your typical “Jobbing Builder”, repairing, making good and then painting the external walls of your home is the only thing we do, and we are darn good at it too, just ask our customers.

They will tell you that NPA is Britain’s number ONE wall coating specialist, and they often recommend us to friends and neighbours because of our track record and experience since 1986.

People trust us with their homes, which is why year on year we continue to exceed all of our customers expectations, and more besides. Read More

A happy customer couple admiring their newly sprayed house

We can paint your retirement house! 20 year guarantee

In your retirement years you wish for happiness, prosperity and a safe and welcoming home, however if that home needs repairs and painting every other year, that sort of expense, just to keep the place in good order and looking nice, can seriously eat into your pension.

What if there was a way to keep your home exterior looking spick and span, free of damp, mould and condensation, and to have a written guarantee that nothing will need doing, not even painting, for the next 20 years?

I’m pleased to tell you that we have the solution for you, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Read More