Storm damage at Dawlish, Damage to the railway tracks and road at Riviera Terrace and Sea lawn Terrace, Dawlish.

Problems and solutions for coastal and seaside homes

No-one knows more than us about the damaging effects the weather can have on your home exterior, but what about if you own a property in a coastal, moorland, sea-fronting or cliff top location? The outside of your home has to not only look good all year round, but it also has a more important function in keeping you and your family warm, safe and dry. (more…)

front and side elevation with paint

2 latest completed contracts: Devon and Kent

We enjoy showing off our hard work and our 2 latest rendering repair and wall coating jobs are no exception. The first is in Plymstock PL9, South Devon, and the other in Hollingbourne ME17, Kent, and we bunched them up together in this article as we already have around 85 examples of our previous work on the site already. We show you, using photos and explainers, what work we did to these two homes, including knocking off old render and applying new rendering to the walls,…

Long windows on old house

If you read one article about windows, read this one

Most people reading this article will perhaps immediately think of the word “Windows” as the operating system on their computer, but no, this article does not mention Bill Gates at all (apart from just then of course), it’s an article about those square glass things that you look through every day. Yes, you just realised that you take these things for granted don’t you? I guarantee that every single day, anyone reading this will have looked through a window, open or closed one, or have drawn back the drapes or curtains to reveal what is on the other side, but how…

secure your home from burglars

Six reasons why your lack of home security is a gift to thieves

Are you relaxed and sitting comfortably? If you are reading this at work or out and about, do you KNOW, for SURE, that when you return to your house, all will be well with nothing missing? Most of us could say “yes” with some certainty, and unless you live in a “rough” area, the chances of your home actually being broken into are slim, aren’t they?! Actually no it would seem. Without wanting to induce paranoia into my valued readers, ask yourself the question above, again as we are going to run through some security loopholes and tricks you may not have…

How cheap is that?!

30% discount! Book your house painting quote NOW

OMG!! Get massive savings on having your house painted this year! NPA are offering a genuine 30% off for all orders placed between now and the end of February for installation in our quiet period between now and the end of March 2015. There has never been a better time to protect your home from the weather, and have it CARRY ON protecting your home from Mother Nature for the next 20 years with no further expense! Once spring comes we’re at our busiest so take advantage now and CALL US on (0800) 970 4928! Limited availability. Offer ends 28th Feb. Enquire now…

Woman Putting Up Wallpaper

All you ever needed to know about wallpaper

Wallpaper. It’s back “in”. Love it or loathe it, the existence of wallpaper in our homes is often dictated by fashions and fads, and therefore it has come and gone, and then come back again, time after time after time. So why the fascination? Why should we take it seriously this time around? What are the reasons that wallpaper, the stuff your grandparents had on their walls,  has all of a sudden come back into fashion? Do you know? (more…)