wet rot

How to deal with dry rot and wet rot timber damage

If you have ever bought a house before, you will know the importance of having a survey, but what if the report finds wet rot or dry rot? What is it? How can it be dealt with? We, as a company, only really deal with damp in masonry, but we often get asked about other types of damp, so we wrote this for your reference and research. We explore these two common forms of damp damage and how to fix it. The problems of wet and dry rot. These 2 main types of rot refer to damage done by forces of nature, mainly…

Cheap house for sale Spain

Exterior painting of villas, chalets and houses in Spain

Why bother painting your house in Spain EVERY year? Por Que? Why “make do” with bad tradesmen ruining your Spanish home? No me gusta! Why pay top prices for low quality home improvements in Spain? No lo Sé! 2015 sees a return to Spain for us after a short break, and we have teamed up with our friends Andura Abroad, on the Costa Blanca, to bring you our famous long-life weatherproof house painting system for your home in Spain and it’s available right NOW, all year round.. The Amazing “NPA Exterior Wall coating System” is Suitable For All spanish exterior wall surfaces and…

a newly painted house in Todmorden

A weatherproof wall covering for a home in the Pennines

We are delighted to present yet another case study of exactly what we do best; painting a house! This lovely, traditional stone-built cottage was located in the the mountainous “Pennines” district of northern England, in Yorkshire. Like a scene straight out of “last of the Summer Wine”, the BBC TV show that, by my reckoning, must have been on TV now for about a million years. Without wanting to repeat what we say on each of these case studies pages (as there are around 90 of them at last count!), I will go through a few aspects of the work we…

How cheap is that?!

SALE! 30% off all rendering, house painting and wall coatings

OMG!! Get massive savings on having your house painted this year, from the UK’s best known nationwide wall coating and rendering company! Too late in the year to get the house painted? NO! Why wait until next summer when you have your home made to look spectacular with very little outlay, and a guarantee that you won’t have to have the property decorated externally for the next TWENTY YEARS! There has never been a better time to protect your home from the weather, have us make the outside look AMAZING, and have it CARRY ON protecting your home from Mother Nature…

derek acorah

What we do, and what we do NOT do!

We wear many hats in this business and one of the hats we wear is of course our customer service hat! We get literally hundreds of calls, texts and emails each month asking questions, but not all of them are relevant and we can’t help everyone and we’re not psychic like our friend Derek either! We LOVE hearing from people but over the past few weeks, why, I don’t know, we have some rather bizarre enquiries, some of which I cannot fathom for the life of me how or why people were motivated enough to contact us, and ask us…

How can we help you?

Home improvement terminology, USA vs UK

Hey buddy! (Good afternoon old chap!) Home improvements remain similar in both the UK and America but words used by contractors and tradesmen vary wildly between the 2 countries, which side of the pond are you on? The media always go on and on about our “special relationship” with our friends across the ocean in America, but apart from speaking the same language, how different are the common words and phrases our tradespeople are likely to use during their working day? I spent some time many years ago working in the USA and my first few weeks on site were…

making a list of things to do

What home improvements need planning permission?

In the UK, and many other countries, there exists a set of enforceable rules and regulations that govern the built environment, which aim to ensure that buildings are constructed, altered or improved in a sympathetic and safe manner. There are various common home improvements, usually the more “major” types, that require permission from your local council for the work to go ahead, but you may be surprised to learn that some home improvements do not need any permits or permission at all. In the UK, there are two main statutory instruments that govern buildings and improvements and they are the Town…


Products and methods to help avoid seagull attacks!

Seagulls, or rather Herring Gulls, have made the news in the past few weeks, but for all the wrong reasons. As I myself live a few hundreds metres from the sea, it is a problem that certainly caught my interest so I decided to look deeper into the problems caused by seagulls. Recently, some very nasty attacks have been reported on people out and about and also in their homes, (ITV News) and on small animals too, including small dogs and pet tortoises. It has got to such an epidemic that David Cameron himself has called for a