Chimney stack restoration

Why you should keep your chimney in good condition

Despite your fireplace being largely forgotten about during the summer, just like my own family, you will all welcome a healthy hearth come winter time.

Today we are going to tell you a few tips how to clean and maintain your chimney, how to spot problems with it, both internally and externally, and offer a few “best practice” tips on keeping your chimney healthy and happy all year round. Read More

Bishop Auckland after wall coating

Curing penetrating damp with an NPA wall coating

People choose to have us paint their home for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, it’s because their property needs far more than just a simple lick of paint!

Does your house need more than your local painter and decorator is willing to take on?

Does the property have damp issues and maybe a whole lot more?

Help is at hand!

Here’s an example of a home we worked on recently, in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, which was built of traditional local stone, but over the years had suffered badly with damp penetrating into the building. Read More

How cheap is that?!

SALE! 30% off house painting and wall coatings


Get massive savings on having your house painted this year, from the UK’s best known nationwide wall coating and rendering company!

Too late in the year to get the house painted? NO! Why wait until next summer when you have your home made to look spectacular with very little outlay, and a guarantee that you won’t have to have the property decorated externally for the next TWENTY YEARS! Read More

victorian terraced villa after wall coatings painting

Getting the best out of your Victorian house

The Victorian era heralded great changes throughout not only our own country, but also in the then British Empire, much of which can be seen today in our streets in the form of industrial buildings, churches, bridges and of course, houses.

The Victorians knew how to build stuff to last, and if you live in a Victorian home, there are some things you need to think about to keep it in tip-top condition and to get the most out of living in a piece of history. Read More

very wealthy people

5 of the best, expensive, high-end home improvements!

Feeling generous? Deep pockets? Money to burn? Have you won the lottery?

If you are flash with cash and are looking to add some pizzazz to your property, let’s be honest, the sky is the limit, but we took 5 random, but expensive, home improvements that you can buy if you have the dough.

From a crystal encrusted bath tub to Versace toilet brush holder, take a look and see what you could buy if and when you win the lottery! We can dream, can’t we? Read More

Our prices will surprise you, not shock you!

Would “yew” believe it! Sweden invents see-through wood

Sweden. The land of Abba, Volvo’s, crime drama’s, flat-packed furniture and unnecessary nudity, are set to amaze the world again, or at least, chemists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (“KTH”), are set to amaze people, with a new and very cool invention.

Transparent wood!

Scientists and chemists working in Stockholm have turned humble balsa wood into a translucent sheet, effectively a brand new material, that despite being at least twice the strength of Perspex, is able to be used just like wooden sheets, paving the way for new technologies in construction methods for the future. Read More